Tja Ling 嘉玲


  1. 2018 Cover for NRC Opinie

  2. 2018 Illustration for NRC Opinie

  3. 2018 Illustration for NRC weekend

  4. Vinyl Project Illustratie Biënnale 2018, cover Rachel's Song - Vangelis

  5. 2017 Illustration for exhibition 'Antwerpse Handjes'. This illustration was created within the predetermined template of a hand. The theme of the illustration was friendship.

  6. 2017 Cover for Belgian newspaper DeMorgen's Cult.opVrijdag about the future and nostalgia of cinema.

  7. 2016 Cover for Trippin' Jaguar's 'Amanita' EP

  8. 2016 Cabinet of (un)natural curiosities. Artwork especially created for the exhibition 'Draw Attention #2' at KERK Ghent.